Bringing Data from the Field to the Cloud


Field survey data is collected using rugged tablets.

SPECTEO puts field surveys on tablets.

Instead of carrying around pens, clipboards, cameras, GPS devices, and more, field staff can finally enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an all-in-one tool. SPECTEO’s field survey software can snap photos, record GPS data and time stamps, take point counts, and much more, all from one device—a military-grade ruggedized tablet purpose-built for fieldwork.

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A robust web application does everything from survey design to providing real-time access to collected data.

SPECTEO streamlines fieldwork.

SPECTEO automatically syncs between its tablet-based field surveying software and our web-based administration tool, meaning that as soon as there’s an internet connection, a field technician’s tablet will upload their most recent observations to a private, secure cloud. This makes them immediately viewable by managers back at the office for real-time analysis.

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SPECTEO allows field surveys to be more productive, resulting in improved efficiency and turnaround.

SPECTEO boosts efficiency.

In traditional fieldwork, data input and management are tedious and time-consuming. SPECTEO eliminates the potential for hundreds of hours of back-office work inputting and managing data, allowing field technicians to complete more surveys per day and boosting efficiency across the organization. How much would a “submit” button simplify your life?

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Better data collection
Smarter data management
Improved Project Turnaround

With innovation, sometimes less is more.

When we built SPECTEO, we didn’t reinvent the wheel. The software is designed to integrate so seamlessly into organizations’ existing workflows, using it feels almost like nothing’s changed at all.

But what SPECTEO does change is what makes all the difference. Organizations that use SPECTEO see increases in productivity and efficiency at every level, and managers can enjoy the convenience of being able to manage data instantaneously and from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Who uses SPECTEO? Virtually anyone who collects data in the field, from maintenance professionals conducting O&M on an electrical rig, to environmental consultants surveying a wind farm, to biologists measuring populations of endangered species in a wetland. If there’s a need for data management, SPECTEO has a solution.

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Efficient in the office
Adventure-proof in the field

Efficient in the office.
Adventure-proof in the field.

For field staff, SPECTEO comes loaded on rugged, sunlight-readable tablets that are ready for anything. For managers, it offers unparalleled efficiency, ease-of-use, and data security. And with options for monthly or annual pricing, it’s scalable and affordable for teams of any size. Tell us who you are below, and we can get started improving your fieldwork.

Tell us who you are and we can get started.